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Thursday, November 11, 2004


My First Night With Kate
I had known all along she was a lesbian, had been her whole life. Unlike any others I had known, she had never been with a man before, or had any desire to. She knew I was questioning...and hadn't had much experience. We were staying together for a while and ended up sharing the bed, in completely platonic terms of course. During the first week, nothing happened. While watching movies, I'd lay down with my head on her lap and she'd rub my back or something, but nothing sexual. And then one night in bed we lay next to each other and I played with her gorgeous hair. I love rubbing her head and twirling the hair in her fingers.
Kate cuddled up next to me, and sighed. She took off her shirt, to reveal her full bra she wears. Not sure if she was making a move, I slowly began to massage down her shoulders and arms. Her skin was so warm and soft. I slowly massaged her torso, running my fingers erotically down her sides. She was so beautiful. While I had the nerve, I asked her to sit up, so I could take off her bra. I rubbed down her back and as she laid down and then began to rub her stomach. My hands moved all her chest pressing lightly and massaging deeply. Finally I took one of her beautiful breasts in my hands and squeezed it in my fingers. She let out a moan and I watcher her nipples grow harder and harder. She reached over to me and began rubbing under my shirt, pulling at my breasts.
I laid back for a moment, enjoying her cool hands on my warm skin. I was growing wetting and wetter as she moved her around my breasts and then playfully down my sides. I leaned over and began to rub her tummy again and started to reach my way down below her panties. At first I teased her, just getting my fingers under the elastic, then moving back up to her breasts. She closed her eyes and arched her back up and I headed back down with soft traces of my fingertips. I pulled the panties down and massaged my way back up her legs. I could smell her juices and couldn't wait to taste them. I delicately rubbed my fingers over her hair, just enough to tease her as I caressed the insides of her thighs.
When she relaxed her body again, I started to her my fingers in her slit, feeling her wetness. I began to rub her clit, slowly at first and then faster and faster. She hips moved with the movement of mine. I loved into her eyes and asked if I could go down on her. She nodded, and I told her I had never done it before. She held my head in her hands and I kissed my way down. I sucked around her inner thighs and began to lightly kiss her pussy. She was growing wetter and arched her hips up to me. I knelt down on the side of the bed and began to lick her slit. She was so sweet tasting, I couldn't get enough of it. I pushed my tongue in and out of her as her hips bucked in time. I wanted to completely engulf her, taking in every part I could. My hands pulled and squeezed her swollen breasts while my tongue darted around her clit.
I started focusing solely on the clit and watched her wiggle and squirm in front of me. As I started to suck, she tightened her legs around my head and pulled on my hair. She hips rocked in time with my mouth, pushing herself deeper and deeper into me. I kept sucking, rubbing my tongue as fast as I could over her clit. Her body started to shake and writhe about. I kept sucking, feeling her juices flow even greater now. When she finally relaxed again, she pulled me up to her and we kissed a deep, hard kiss. As she laid in my arms I asked if I did all right. She sighed, and said "Girl, you did great."
I petted her stomach as she told me it was her favorite spot. We laid in each others arms and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.
This is my first story so please feel free to give any comments or suggestions for future submissions.

The pleasure. I could feel that it was there but I could not reach it. My fingers were buried deep inside my pussy. I tried everything with them, but I couldn't get myself to climax. "Ok that's it. Time for the big gun" I said. I got up and walked over to my dresser. I opened my panty drawer and dug down to the bottom to find my 8-inch vibrator. I ran back and jumped on the bed. Now I would finally reach my orgasm.
I started by sucking on the smooth plastic toy to lubricate it, even though I was already so wet it didn't need it. Then I slid it down to vibrate on my nipple, while I pinched the other one. My nipples became rock hard. Then I slowly let the vibrator move towards my wet lips.
The next stop was to circle my swollen clit a few times. God this felt so good. I let a soft moan escape my lips. I definitely needed this. My roommate and I had a huge test the next day and I was exhausted from studying. My roommate was in the next room still trying to cram as much information as she could. I didn't want to disturb her. Well I asked if she wanted to join me but she refused so I left it at that.