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Friday, July 22, 2005

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I got to thinking about the first (and really only) time I deliberately set out to seduce a gal by using exhibitionism.
I was in university, and she was in one of my lectures. At the time she hung around with this guy, they'd meet after our lecture (he wasn't in that course) and sit out on the grass at lunchtime chatting. It was a little grassy section away from the main part of campus, with bushes around. Not too many people went there. They never kissed or were physical with each other, except in a friendly, pal-like way. I noticed over a period of time that she was looking at me rather a lot, so I decided to go for it, building up over a period of time.
First of all I wore a pair of tight jeans where I had a rip in the crotch. It was quite small, but if I lay half reclined on the grass with one leg propped up, bent at the knee, I could place myself so she was staring right at my crotch....her boyfriend's back was to me, she was facing. At first I wore panties - red - and just lay there reading. I did that for a couple of days, then started slowly stroking myself in that area.
By the end of the first week, I was no longer wearing panties, and I was quite openly masturbating when I could.
The second week I started by wearing cutoffs. It was really hot too, so I wore a crop top. I slid my finger in the side of my shorts leg and played with my clit. Panties on again at first, but no bra. Then one day I took my top off to catch some sun, and lay on my front. I made sure I left before they did, so I had to sit up to pull my top back on, and as I sat, I spread my legs so my pussy was directly facing her and my tits were pointed straight at her mouth. My pussy hairs peeked out of the shorts legs, and they were so tight against my cunt you could see the outline of my slit.
Next day, I took the cutoffs off as well, and sunbathed just in my bikini bottom. I slowly circled my pussy with my hand, and arched my breasts to the sun.
I knew now that she came there to watch every lunch, and I knew she was staring at me. By this time the guy had stopped coming (later on I learnt he had transferred courses and had a class at that time)
Then came the time we had to do presentations in class, and it was her turn. That day I wore a really short skirt and a tight tank top. Anyway, it was her facing the class, so I sat in the front row, spread my legs, periodically crossing and uncrossing them, and giving her pussy glances for the entire hour. I left in a hurry as she was packing her materials away.
At the end of the hour we again were on the grass. I took off my top, and rolled over onto my stomach, making sure the skirt was pushed up over my bare buttocks so that the very tip of my ass was exposed. Before too long a shadow was falling over me, and she was standing astride me. I rolled over, and she sat on my pussy. She leaned forward and kissed me hungrily, lightly touching my tits with her soft hands, rubbing her pussy on mine. She wore a long floaty dress, no panties, so her dress was pushed up, exposing flesh on flesh.
We tumbled and kissed and embraced and rubbed and sucked tits for ages, then went back to my room in a shared house near campus, where we made love for two days. We were tender and rough by turns, one moment caressing with butterfly kisses, the next pumping cunt with dildos. I rode her with my strapon, she ate me for a full two hours! Sometimes we just lay so close that a hair's electric charge separated us, as we enveloped each others fingers in our juicy holes.
She said I was the first woman to switch from domme to sub in syncopation with her needs. She delighted in running her hands and sliding her wet cunt over my stubbly head.
I'll never forget the excitement, the slow tease of exhibitionist seduction, all with the folly of youth.

Edwin amateur list sex pussy returned to his seat and looked out across the countryside. without the scars of war, he could see just how beautiful this ancient country was. Tall trees framed a flat landscape, where rice paddies were divided into grids. Farmers were bent over the water, planting the stalks with just a crude hand tool. He remembered those same paddies, pocked with craters and strewn with debris. But he wasn’t returning to visit the battlefields, the cramped tunnels that tourists now walk through in amazement, aghast that these burrows could house as many as 10,000 people. Edwin was returning for Phan. He had first met her on his last day in the tunnels,
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the day he was pulled screaming from the hole nearly eight months after he first crawled, shivering from fear into his first hole. He lasted longer than most, more than earning to wear the patch on his jacket, more than earning the motto “Non gratum anus rodentum - Not worth a rat’s ass.” Once a Tunnel Rat snapped, they never went back into the tunnels again, they had served their time. Badly shaken from his last experience, Edwin had gone into town, to get drunk and perhaps amateur
list sex pussy laid. Most of the bars had rooms upstairs and women to go with them. He had pretty much left the hookers alone while he was here, but tonight he couldn’t be alone. He walked to the bar, drank four beers chased with some liquid that tasted like napalm and then told the bartender he needed a amateur list sex pussy woman.