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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Ice Box

The blindfold was fit snug against her pretty eyes causing everything to turn black. The cool tile floor felt nice and soothing beneath her bottom and her back was leaning against a cold smooth surface as well. She had worked this out to be a double door refrigerator because the other door was open and cool air was emanating from it causing her nipples to rise. She was naked but not uncomfortable.
She had met the stunning brunette at the bar earlier in the evening and they had giggled and held hands the whole way home. Even though she had thought of being with a girl on many occasions she had yet to experience the real thing. Not a lot had happened yet, she had been asked to remove her clothes and allow herself to blind folded. She had then been led to the kitchen where she now sat with her back against the fridge.
Soft hands ran over her breasts pausing to pinch gently at a nipple and then traveled further down to lightly stroke her pussy which ached in response. She wanted this girl to touch her so badly and yet the hand moved away and began to play with her breasts again. Even softer lips brushed against hers and she opened her mouth willingly to allow the eager tongue dart in driving her wild with desire. She didn't want it to stop and a frustrated yelp exited her mouth as her seducer pulled away. She heard a lighthearted laugh as her sexy tormentor rummaged through the fridge.
An object was pressed to her lips and although wary she decided to take the risk and opened her mouth to delightfully find it to be a strawberry. Delicious she thought and when finished opened her mouth for more. Another light giggle and she found her mouth filled with two strawberries at once. Then she had the pleasant experience of whipped cream shooting down the back of her throat, so much so that it came frothing back out of her mouth. Lips and a saucy tongue worked their way through the creamy froth covering her face. She could not believe the sensations this woman was bringing out in her and she reached her hand forward to try and touch her.
Her hand was slapped aside and the word "No" resonated in her ears. She felt hurt and wounded and her newfound lover must have noticed because the lady began to massage her clit for her. Oh god that felt so good to her. She groaned and another strawberry was stuffed in her mouth.
Whipped cream was sprayed around her breasts and the woman went to work on suckling them until they were clean, teasing the nipples up through her teeth. This was too much for her and she longed to be free of her blindfold. Her lover pulled her away from the fridge and told her to sit up on the kitchen table. Once she had she was told to lie down on her back and to raise her knees. She complied willingly and as she did felt the cold squirt of whipped cream against her glistening pussy, the nozzle was then inserted in her hole and she was filled with the stuff.
It was a wickedly good sensation and she squirmed on the table longing to be touched. Then she felt the full power of a woman's love. A violent tongue attacked her pussy with a feeding frenzy, her clit was being sucked and nipped at until she thought she was going to go crazy. And then she felt something inside of her, she was pretty sure it was a cucumber or something.
She felt dirty and slutty but oh so good at the same time. Her clit was sucked on and her pussy being fucked and then, when she thought she could take no more, she felt to fingers slide into her arse and she realised that someone else must have joined the party because her breasts were being sucked at the same time as her clit. The realisation threw her over the edge and she got lost in a mind-blowing orgasm. She passed out for awhile while her unseen lovers continued sucking and prodding gently.

Our tongues explore each other, continuing to kiss.
We end up lying on the couch with her underneath me, kissing still. Brenda opens her legs around my body, and I slowly grind my hips into hers. I feel her hands rubbing my back as I play with her hair.
I turn sideways, looking into her eyes. I move my hand down to her small breasts, feeling one of them. It is so nice and soft. I wait to see if she will make me stop, but she doesn't.
I unbutton her blue blouse, opening it up and seeing a matching-blue silk bra. The one I have seen before while at work. I rub her tanned stomach, feeling her pierced belly button. I pull up her bra, and her tits flip out. Her nipples are hard. I feel them, playing with them. She moans.
I lower myself down and take her tit in my mouth. Ohh, how I missed sucking on another woman's breast.
Brenda moans again, and I feel her hair running through my hair as I suck on one nipple and then the other.
I move back up and kiss Brenda again. I then lower my hand down to her skirt, lifting it up and rub the outside of her panties on her pussy.
I kiss down her body, getting to her pussy. I see she has on the matching blue silk panties on. Just as I thought and hoped for.
I move her panties to one side, seeing her pussy for the first time. Mmmm, it looks so good. I lower myself and lick Brenda's pussy for the first time.
"ohhhhh," She says while quivering.