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Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Ramona & Juliet
I had always liked the opposite sex, but I still had this fascination with having sex with another woman. My name is Julie, but in high school, all my friends nicknamed me Juliet. I have curly blond hair that come to the middle of my back, green eyes, I'm 5'7, I weigh 145# and I wear a 34DD bra.
Anyways, back to my story. When I started college, I had a lot of boyfriends, or, well, I guess they were just guys I fucked, they never really meant anything to me and I was just another piece of ass to them. It was my second semester at LSU when I met Ramona and I was immediately attracted to her. She had long blond hair that came just to the top of her tight ass that always looked great in the short skirts or tight jeans she always wore. She had bright blue eyes and a figure like an hour glass. To top all that off, she had the best pair of tits I had ever seen; they were at least the same size as mine, if not bigger. She was beautiful.
We had a lot of classes together, so we soon became good friends. We studied a lot together in each others room. She would always wear something to show off her perfect body, and When I would go home or she would leave, I would masturbate, imagining that it was her tongue licking my wet, soft, plump pussy. I would cum to that image almost every night.
One night we were studying in my room and she wore a really short skirt that was so short her perfect ass was hanging out the bottom of it. Her shirt was short to, showing her flat, muscular stomach off to anyone who would want to see. We were sitting next to each other on me bed when she put her hand on my leg, which was bare due to the short gym style shorts I was wearing. She started to rub my thigh, slowly and softly at first, I guess she was waiting to see if I was going to do anything.
I did do something, I opened my legs just slightly so that she would have better access to my cunt. When she hesitated, I took her hand and put it there, letting her know she could have her way. She looked at me with a look I had never seen in her eyes before. It was the look of lust.
I laid down on the bed as she got on top of me. she took off my shirt and bra and then began to kiss me, letting her tongue slip pass my lips. As we kissed her hand slid down to my shorts, pulling them off in one swift movement.
"Are you sure you want to do this, Juliet?"
"Yes, Ramona."
"You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this with you. I've wanted you since the day I met you."
"I do understand, I feel the same way about you. Take me Ramona."
With that she traced her tongue down my stomach until she found my inner thighs. she began to kiss my pussy lips, every now in then slipping her tongue through the slit. Before long she was eating my pussy like it was the cure to a deadly illness. She continued to eat my cunt until I had cum at least 10 times, I can't remember, I lost count.
After she finished, she came up and kissed my lips, and for the first time, I tasted my self on another woman's lips, and it tasted good. I couldn't wait to see what she tasted like.
"You taste great my Juliet."
I can't wait to see what you taste like, but can I take a few minutes to recover first?"
"Sure, baby, take your time."
Five minutes later we started again, this time with me doing the eating. I licked her pussy, fucked her with my tongue. I found her clit and started to play with it with my tongue, nibbling on it ever so slightly. She came in my mouth over and over, and I slurped up her juices before they had a chance to get away. I loved the way it tasted, I wanted to taste it everyday.
The next semester we were roommates and we took every chance to fuck each other senseless. We dated guys, and fucked guys. We even had some threesomes, and even some foursomes. But we always had each other. I had finally found my Romeo, or my Ramona as the case may be.

I get out of my car, straighten my short black dress and smooth down my hair. I start walking to her door, the cool night air making my nipples hard. It also makes my pussy wet, because I am wearing no panties and the cool air feels refreshing, breezing up my dress.
I reach Ashley's door and ring the doorbell. In a few seconds she opens the door with a huge smile on her face. My mouth drops as I see her standing there so beautiful and sexy.
We walk inside and I sit on the couch as she spins around slowly for me to check out every inch of her nakedness. My eyes start at her perfect little toes and continuing up her long, firm, slender, tan legs, then to her round firm ass. I run my eyes up her smooth back, and then I ask her to turn around.
Ashley turns around and I look into her beautiful green cat eyes, then my eyes stroll down her face to her red, pouty lips. My eyes continue exploring her luscious body...moving down to her breasts. They are small, but that's just the way I like them. The nipples are so big and they are hard. I think about how good it will feel to have them in my mouth.
I walk over to her and let my eyes roam down her flat stomach. Her legs are together so I can't see her pussy lips very well, but I see that she has shaved bare for me tonight.
When I get to her, I touch her cheek lightly, and we begin to kiss. It's a soft, gentle kiss. Ashley takes me by the hand and leads me into her bedroom. She begins unzipping my dress and she lets it fall to the floor.